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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Ever since I started listening and communicating with spirit my life as I knew it was never the same. The best way I can describe it to people is that it is like living between two worlds, the spirit world and the human world. I am an everyday wife and mother of three, all while juggling seeing, hearing and feeling spirit. Although it may seem like a lot, but without spirit, I was lost. Having this spiritual journey in my human existence allows me to not only heal for others but to also inspire others to tune into their own intuitive and energetic abilities and create a higher state of consciousness. 

Throughout all my training with polarity and mindfulness it became very clear to me that while keeping our energy system balanced and clear is great, it is only the half of what we need to maintain. While studying mindfulness through Jon Kabot-Zinn I became fascinated with the mind and its thought process. Connecting our thoughts to energy is what makes the balance happen. I quickly began to understand my mind and how it was functioning, which made my connections even stronger.  When your thoughts align positively with our energy the universe starts to listen. 

Going forward I have made it my mission to connect people to their loved ones but also teach them how to build their own relationship not only to spirit but to their higher self. Working with children as young as five, teens, adults and seniors has given me a wide variety of experience and I will continue to learn and inspire everyday. 

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