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Making Connections

What is Mind/Body Healing?

What mind/body work does is target emotional blockages in the system to allow for energy to move through the body, raising vibrations and strengthening the heart/mind connection. Through thought and meditation we can create healing in the body. When we can learn to let go and have experiences beyond our body you are capable of transformation both in our outside world and our physical bodies.

My role in this work is simply to walk you through some of the blockages and change the perception to how we view those challenges. As a medium I can also create an experience of connection and allow you to feel support from loved ones that have passed, resolving emotional wounds that may have been sitting in the unconscious mind unable to heal. Much of what we experience with our physical bodies is a result of how much we have allowed ourselves to emotionally heal from our past.

The work of creating the outcomes we want in life comes from within. You have every capability to heal yourself sitting innately within your mind and autonomic nervous system, where your energetic system resides. It’s making the connections for your energetic system to align in harmony with the mind that creates transformation. By allowing yourself to heighten your consciousness and feel beyond your body you will begin to change the patterns in which energy flows through you, in turn altering the way your cells receive information from your brain. Once this connection is made you reach a state of endless possibility and your energetic system and mind are working in full alignment for the better good.

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