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Jill Fay 

"Marybeth is truly amazing.  I have experienced her connecting with Spirit in large and small groups as well as individually. She is always incredibly accurate bringing laughter, tears and most of all, comfort knowing our loved ones a still in our lives.
     I recommend that everyone experience Marybeth’s gift”



Ann Marie Mackinnon LICSW

"Having referred to as well as attended a session with MaryBeth Sheehan , whether contending with complicated grief or seeking hope for those passed on ..... I cannot say enough around the healing gift she brings forth to assure the hearts of those grieving .

She is able to assure their loved ones now in spirit are with us at all times  ...a breath away.


As a clinician in private practice for almost 30 years  I have found that some clients are emotionally stuck.  No matter how much reframing and processing of cognitive narratives created by the client .....the only SHIFT .... has come from MB assisting in connecting with spirit and offering healing messages from loved ones a frequency away.


I am grateful for and highly recommend MB and her ability to assist the journey towards healing and her gift has been a wonderful compliment to my clinical practice."

Melanie Gillespie

"I first experienced Marybeth's gift at a friends house a few years back. I have always been a fan of mediums but had never experienced it so up-close and personal before, nor had I ever experienced such accuracy from any medium I had been to in the past. I left the gathering that night with what I can only describe as a feeling of hope and comfort, having heard so clearly from my grandmother. My husband got messages from his mother and his best friend that night and he still carries those messages in his heart today. A few weeks later, I booked Marybeth for a gathering at my own home and had 10 friends over. Everyone got a specific reading and the accuracy and detail of her readings left the hairs standing on our arms! Marybeth's delivery is gentle, genuine and nurturing. She creates a comfortable environment in which everyone feels safe. I recently experienced a private family reading with her for 4 family members having just lost our dad. He came thru so strongly with details that nobody but us could possibly know! It brought us great comfort knowing he's still very much with us spiritually. Marybeth has an undeniable gift when it comes to connecting us with our loved ones who have crossed over and I can't recommend her highly enough."

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